One of the questions I am asked most often is “What kind of protein should I be taking?”

I respond by asking “Are you sure you want to take protein powder?”

Personally – I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING when it comes to personal eating habits.  This includes Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, Atkins, Mediterranean, Whole 30, Pescetarian, Juice cleanses, Fad diets, Fasts, and even 12 step programs for compulsive overeating.

The way I feel about food is the way I feel about spirituality. I stay faithful to the path of experimental curiosity. I am willing to try new things, and I respect the concept that everyone is unique. Different paths work well for different people.

I know that when it comes to food, I prefer it in its natural state. You are what you eat. We receive life-force energy from our food.  When we eat vital healthy produce, we are vital and healthy. When we eat something created by mutilating and torturing a living entity into a chemical concoction, we become a mutilated and tortured concoction.

Pretty much anything in a powder form is totally dead. Like the ashes of a living being, it has been processed and concentrated into an inert state. A good example is cocaine. It is made from the vital healing medicine of the coca plant, then processed and refined into a toxic powder. This is basically what we do with beets and cane to make sugar, and wheat to make flour.  This is also what happens to soy and milk to make protein powder.

I understand that there are legit reasons people want protein powder. They may believe in animal rights, want to balance their macros, intend to gain a lot of muscle mass quickly, or be under doctor’s orders. If you are in the market for protein powder, then I encourage you to carefully look at the ingredients and know exactly what is being processed to create the protein.

WHEY PROTEIN is made of milk. Whey is essentially a waste product of milk processing (Remember the nursery rhyme with Little Miss Muffet – eating her curds and whey).   Whey is a dairy product. Dairy causes all kinds of health issues in humans including cancer, digestive disorders, and inflammatory problems.  Commercial dairy farming in the U.S. is a disgusting process of torturing cows and treating them with hormones and drugs. Whey protein is a way for these commercial farms to make extra cash by selling their waste. I recommend AVOIDING whey protein.

SOY PROTEIN is made of soybeans. Soy is one of the most bastardized GMO cash crops in the world. Soybean farming is subsidized by the U.S. government, and has been linked to devastating health conditions including breast cancer, endometriosis, thyroid disorders, digestive issues, and pancreatitis.   I recommend AVOIDING soy protein.

If you are going to take protein powder, I encourage you to make sure your it is organic, and soy and dairy free. Check on the list of ingredients, and notice what was added to improve the flavor, consistency, and shelf life.

Amazing Grass Protein Powder

Last week, I received a free sample of Amazing Grass Protein Superfood powder. It is marketed as a protein powder as well as a green nutritional supplement. I added the powder to my green smoothie in my NutriBullet and it tasted good. It smells like matcha powder and has a light green color.  The Amazing Grass made my smoothie a bit thicker than normal.

When it comes to ingredients, I would say that Amazing Grass is about as clean as a protein powder can get. It is totally organic and vegan. It is GMO free. The only additives listed are Xanthan gum, Natural Vanilla Flavor, and Organic Madagascar Vanilla.

If you decide to take a protein powder, Amazing Grass is the kind of product you are looking for. When they sent me the free sample, they also sent me a coupon code for a 40% discount. If you want to buy it on their website – the code is 40SWEATPINK2

I am really curious how YOU feel about protein powder. Do you take it? Do you like it? How do you choose what to take?   Please comment and let us know!